Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Big, $.99 Sampler includes Recipe

Vintage Sampler is now available as a $.99 Kindle download.

Vintage Sampler  contains several short selections from my books. Additionally, it includes the full, never-before-released, cozy novelette, Miss Bellmore's Pearls of Wisdom: a Tale of Victorian Christmas.
At the end of Pearls of Wisdom is the recipe for the delectable iced Italian biscuit that Sharon Bellmore snacks on in the story. Now, you, too, may savor each tender crumb of feather-light goodness, flavored slightly of citrus and anise, and finished with a delicate coat of icing. Can't you just feel the crackle of the glaze already?

Get your free Vintage Sampler today, because life really is like a box of chocolates!

Happy Reading!


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