Sunday, September 8, 2013

The Classical Speller and Dyslexia

Nik tweeted me to ask if The Classical Speller would work with a dyslexic student.

This is a new question for me, so I did a bit of reading on the subject, and here is my conclusion:

If you are considering using The Classical Speller with a dyslexic child, I encourage you to download the sample:

It provides the notes for the student and the first eight lessons.

Get the sample from the teacher edition, too:

Then, try it out, and let me know what you think, because I'm sure other parents and teachers of dyslexic children would be interested, one way or the other.

My feeling is that it may work well, since it emphasizes study, concentration, roots, and basic spelling rules, rather than the usual hodgepodge of games and activities. On a personal note, my son found the whirlwind of spelling "stations" distracting to the point of annoyance! Anyhoo...because The Classical Speller is basic, but structured, you may find it a good fit for teaching your child in the way he needs to learn successfully.

I recently was invited by Kindle Direct Publishing to enroll my books in the new Kindle MatchBook program, which I accepted. This means that when a reader purchases my book in print, he will be able to get the ebook for another $.99. They tell me this will launch in a few weeks, so there's an additional potential resource.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Friendship Bracelet Book Now Available

It's live! Friendship Bracelets That You CAN Make... ...Definitely! is now available for $2.99! Stop by and grab your copy. Better yet, grab your daughter's e-reader and surprise her with a copy.

I have tried very hard to make this the clearest, most definitive resource for learning how to make these colorful, little bracelets; but know that I am here to support you, if you need help. I would hate to think of someone getting frustrated and losing her enthusiasm just because she got hung up on one step.

Please let me know what you think, and remember, contact me here at the blog anytime, 24/7, if you get stuck.

Your Friend,


Friendship Bracelet Book Coming Soon!

Good Morning, Friends!

Just giving you a heads-up you'll want to share with your daughters and their friends: my newest Ebook, Easiest-Ever Friendship Bracelets That You CAN Tie... ...Definitely! is about to hit the 'net! This light-hearted, instructional book will teach you how to tie friendship bracelets, guaranteed. Not only that, but it's fun to read. I know I have been having fun writing it.

I wrote this book, because, for all the sources on how to tie friendship bracelets, my daughter, age 9, just couldn't figure it out. She tried websites, library books, kits, and friends.  I wasn't crazy about her sitting online while she learned, the books and kits were discouragingly hard and ignored the basics, and none of the friends seemed to have the hang of it, either. She asked for my help, and it took a lot of poking around and trial-and-error before I was able to tie anything worth wearing, never mind giving. If I didn't love my kid so much, I would not have had the patience!

Easiest-Ever Friendship Bracelets That You CAN Tie... ...Definitely! will save you the trouble I went through. It teaches two basic knots that will enable your daughter to make an endless and satisfying variety of friendship bracelets. Included are instructions, photos, support, and basic patterns; all at an affordable price.

It could be released at any time, so heads up! I will keep you posted!

Your Friend,


PS - Also featured in the book will be the world's first paw-model!

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