Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Little Pansy's Made the Kindle Store!

The Adventures of Little Pansy, 1862 is now available at the Amazon Kindle Store!    What do you call a little girl who walks on the roof, falls in the river, pokes a kid in the ear with her knitting needle, breaks stuff, and lets out Auntie's canary? Little Pansy! Pansy is an independent, little girl with a sweet heart, who is very much still learning the rules. The whole family tries to keep an eye on her, but... Enjoy the full story originally titled "Little Prudy," plus a bonus section of original 1860's activities that you can do, including riddles, foods, and games.  See:

If you belong to Kindle Prime, you can read it for free.  Check out my book, especially if you have daughters.  It's a fun read for older elementary-school age, or advanced younger readers; but the story is a great reading-aloud book that will have you and your daughter sharing a good laugh at Pansy's antics.

I'll let you know when the print version & e-book are available, too.

Check out the book - I know you'll love it; it's adorable and so funny.  I had the most fun time restoring this story for your enjoyment.

Thanks for your support!  I have lots more books coming, including more about Pansy, and her friends and family.

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